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I am the sinking feeling in your gut when you realise you aren't enough. I am the blemishes you cover up with silky powder. I am the lies you pretend you didn't tell. I am the flaw in your perfection. I am the one you forgot.

I should put in some background info first.  I live in a state where in year 11 and 12 (when you’re 16-18), all of your assignments combine to make your university entrance score.  It’s a bit more complicated than that.  I go to a public school, but I used to go to a Christian private school.  My friend currently goes to a [different] Christian private school.

I am a Christian.  I am NOT against religious education/Christian Studies in Christian schools.

At this school, for the ENGLISH classes [which are compared to all the work of all the other students doing English in the state,  and are essential to most university courses] are based on a Christian curriculum.  The students have to answer questions about whether or not characters’ actions are biblically correct, or whether a book is a good or bad influence from a Christian perspective. They are more complex than that, but they are directly Christian questions.


Private schools automatically have more money, and therefore better resources.  The teaching is better because the salaries are negotiable, make it more competetive.  You cut out a lot of the people who don’t care about working in the lower socio-economic classes.

There are LOTS of reasons to enrol your child in a private school, REGARDLESS of your religion.  And there are no [affordable] non-religious private schools in our area.

Even as a Christian, an English class should be taught from a neutral perspective.  I could understand if the texts chosen were more censored than a public school - choosing not to study books like A Clockwork Orange, for example.  But blatantly making it so that one must study religious classes or not be able to have a university education?

Thats bullshit.

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