Don't worry darling, the painkillers will kick in soon enough.

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I am the sinking feeling in your gut when you realise you aren't enough. I am the blemishes you cover up with silky powder. I am the lies you pretend you didn't tell. I am the flaw in your perfection. I am the one you forgot.

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I’m so confused.  I believe in God but I don’t know if I can like him.  I don’t understand his character.  I’m lost.  I remember this song so clearly, but I’ve fallen and I don’t know how to find the admiration I used to have for God when now I feel like he’s cruel and callous.  I know I’m wrong and selfish, and even arrogant, but it’s how I feel.  And lying is pointless because he knows my heart.

They all trust me tonight.

I’m sitting here fucking ripping my skin apart for the first time in like two months and they all want me to fix their problems.

I’m not fucking strong enough right now.  I don’t know what to say.

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